Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program

2014 Annual Report

The Scott Family has consistently combined their vision for world class golfing with environmentally sustainable design. Each course highlights the beauty of this landscape and provides terrific wildlife habitat. In fact, we’re proud to say that five of our six courses have been certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries since 1995.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, and the Silver Signature Program for our Cranes Pond Community provide guidelines that we incorporate in every design decision we make. Crafting our vision along these parameters means we can work to protect the natural resources and habitats that make this part of Michigan unique. We balance the needs of plants, wildlife, people, and the game of golf while demonstrating our deep commitment to the highest standard of environmental management and protection.

Working with Audubon International is integral to our vision. Our programs are developed with the goals of reducing water use, eliminating waste, protecting water quality and managing energy consumption. This holistic approach directs our management programs and demonstrates our dedication to being environmental stewards.

Gull Lake View’s programs have over twelve years of proven success in maintaining courses that serve people and the environment. Now, we’re also using our deep knowledge and experience to steer the development of our residential communities. The Woods at Stonehedge and Cranes Pond are both designated Open Space Developments and have over 50% of their land set aside as green space. At Cranes Pond we’ve made our vision even greener by improving wildlife habitat and using a low impact storm water management system to create a harmonious blend of home and habitat. We do this not only to showcase the successful marriage of environment and development, but also because it is our hope that these types of communities become the norm.

Recognition and Awards

Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort received an award from the Kalamazoo Nature Center for Environmental Leadership. This award recognized Gull Lake View, Stonehedge, and Bedford Valley’s commitment to protecting the natural resources and wildlife for the many years they have been in business. Dr. Jane Goodall was the keynote speaker and presented this award to Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort, accepted by Jon Scott.

Additional membership includes the following environmental programs: Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program, The National Arbor Day Foundation, National Parks Conservation Association, and the Nature Conservancy.