Our golfer-specific therapeutic massage packages concentrate on relaxing the back, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, forearms, and wrists to create a bigger shoulder turn, better hip & back flexibility, more powerful torque and a higher finish. You’ll quickly understand why many professional golfers have sworn by massage therapists (enough to keep them on the payroll indefinitely). We’re excited to help maximize your golf game.

We work with golfers to get the best from their body in order to go to the next level. Sometimes that next level is just playing pain-free or being able to finish 18 holes without being in pain or exhausted. And sometimes the next level is improving your mental focus or to increase your flexibility so the power of your torque increases.

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Packages designed for your game:

Sports Massage 50/80 min
Focuses on knots and trigger points to improve movement

Golfer’s Massage 30/50 min
Relief where you need it most; sharpens focus and mental clarity

Ashi Thai “Stretching Massage” 50/80 min
Increases flexibility to promote power and torque

Ashiatsu 50/80/110 min
Barefoot massage allows for broad, deep therapeutic pressure

Bamboo Fusion 50/80 min
Bamboo releases tension, boosts circulation and healing

Hot Stone 50/80 min
Heated stones release tension deep within muscles