ASE (Accelerated Skill Education)

This year we will introduce small group junior instruction at various times. This philosophy will allow our juniors to tailor their instruction to meet their own needs and what meets their schedule. In giving the junior golfer more instructional options, we believe juniors will play more golf. Simply stated, there is no substitution for playing golf. Moving juniors from instructional areas onto the golf course is a primary goal of this program and we believe with better skills, juniors will be able to achieve this.

These sessions will be skill specific with 4 juniors per session. Sessions are offered on Driver, Irons, Chipping, Putting, Green Side Bunker, Pitch Shot & on course. A junior may attend any combination of these. The cost is $25 per session and each session will last one hour.


  • 20- Saturday: putting
  • 24- Wednesday: chipping
  • 27- Saturday: pitching



  • 11-Saturday : irons
  • 18- Saturday: driver
  • 25- Saturday: green side bunker



  • 1- Saturday: putting
  • 5- Wednesday: chipping
  • 8- Saturday: pitching
  • 12- Wednesday: irons
  • 15- Saturday: driver


Session Times: All sessions at Gull Lake View practice tee

If Child Has Completed :

  • Grade 3-6 ASE Session (8:30-9:30 am)
  • Grade 7-11 ASE Session (9:45-10:45 am)
  • Grade K-2 ASE Session (11:00am-noon)