Cranes Pond

Centered on a 54-acre lake, Cranes Pond is an exclusive gated community. Being community owned means you get to enjoy all of the amazing aspects of living in this gorgeous place while leaving the mowing, plowing, and maintenance to us! This 104-acre development showcases our dedication to environmental stewardship with improved wildlife habitat and a low impact stormwater management system.

Cranes Pond is the location for people who believe in the balance between designer homes and natural habitats. If you want your most difficult daily decision to be choosing between fishing and golf, this is the place for you. In many ways, living at Crane’s Pond is like buying 140 acres of pristine lake property and getting the house for free.

Cranes Pond Available Lots

Street Address Price
6911 Railway Court $88,000
6919 Railway Court $75,000
6943 Railway Court $75,000
6955 Railway Court $88,000
6963 Railway Court $75,000
6967 Railway Court $78,000
6962 Railway Court $75,000
6952 Railway Court $85,000
12444 Crane Ave $95,000
6798 Spur Line Street $110,000
6816 Spur Line Street $110,000
6927 Spur Line Street New Construction
6826 Spur Line Street $110,000
6858 Spur Line Street $110,000
6892 Spur Line Street $110,000
12282 Crane Ave $95,000
12426 Crane Ave $95,000
12462 Crane Ave $100,000