Cranes Pond

Each unit of Cranes Pond is a separately owned home within the community. Each home shares over 140 acres of open space including a 54-acre private lake in the center of the community.

Community ownership means that each owner has the capacity to share in all of the natural amenities and natural areas in the community while enjoying all of the benefits of a maintenance-free lifestyle. Owners enjoy all the benefits of living at home without all of the hassles of mowing the lawn or plowing the driveway.

Cranes Pond offers a carefree lifestyle where the biggest task is making coffee and the biggest worry is whether to go fishing or play golf. In many ways, living at Crane’s Pond is like buying 140 acres of pristine lake property and getting the house for free.

Cranes Pond Available Lots

Street Address Price
6911 Railway Court $88,000
6919 Railway Court $75,000
6943 Railway Court $75,000
6955 Railway Court $88,000
6963 Railway Court $75,000
6967 Railway Court $78,000
6962 Railway Court $75,000
6952 Railway Court $85,000
12444 Crane Ave $95,000
6798 Spur Line Street $110,000
6816 Spur Line Street $110,000
6927 Spur Line Street New Construction
6826 Spur Line Street $110,000
6858 Spur Line Street $110,000
6892 Spur Line Street $110,000
12282 Crane Ave $95,000
12426 Crane Ave $95,000
12462 Crane Ave $100,000